Does Your CEO Want to Be Smart?

Outsmart your competitors. Buy the book

In the interest of efficiency, predictability and cost savings, CEOs have allowed the mind-numbingly frustrating treatment of customers to continue unabated. Whenever we mention the title of our book – Smart Customers, Stupid Companies – heads immediately nod. Everyone knows that companies act stupidly.

Smart wireless devices could change this, but haven’t. Why? Because such devices have been embraced by customers but resisted by companies. They’re not uniform, not bulletproof, not officially approved by IT.

Plus, smart wireless devices alone can’t change the archaic compensation systems that reward division managers for competing against each other rather than cooperating to best serve customers. They can’t communicate with company databases that live in silos, or that are hamstrung by outdated software and/or design.

We could go on, but here’s the point. Unless and until your CEO says, “Acting smart is our #1 priority,” it won’t happen. This is not something that can be achieved by mid-level managers lacking a mandate or a budget.

Acting smart will require massive changes. It will require your firm, no matter how large, to act like a startup.

But if your CEO isn’t on board, you’re just going to have to get used to the Land of Stupid.

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